How to start Business – An Overview

Today’s world is a business world, a fast growing market demands tell us about the scene of business. There are various fields in which anybody can start business. There are several objectives of doing business like-

  1. Satisfying customers by fulfilling their needs,
  2. Always work for quality,
  3. Get self-satisfaction by doing variety of tasks & providing employment,
  4. Be a brand,
  5. Get profit in terms of money, this is an ultimate aim of business.

Getting profit is not easy job. For this we should satisfy first four objectives then it is easy to get profit.

Many of the times we think on business but not getting from where to start. Following are some tips:

First we should think on type of industry/business. There are some types like manufacturing industry, service industry etc.

Let us start with business ideas:

If you are passionate about business and want to start the pre-required tasks. My opinion is to bring various ideas on a paper is a starter for your business activity. How these ideas come from? How initiate for thinking on ideas? Always we think on this.

Method one :If you have an experience regarding any business and clarity regarding business.

  • Take a paper and list out your own ides.
  • Discuss with your friends, relatives, experts those who are knowing the business.
  • Give priorities to these ideas.
  • Check the possibility by thinking on product demand, raw material availability, manpower, technology, government norms, finance etc.
  • Separate out any two ideas and make comparison for finalization.
  • Prepare documents for market survey.
  • Communicate with companies, wholesalers, retailers, customers.
  • Make pure and ground reports.
  • Study those reports.
  • Start to prepare Project Report.

….to be continued..

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